Best Walking Shoes for Seniors To Improve Balance 2022

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When it comes to selecting the best walking shoes for seniors, there are a lot of things to consider. Seniors have different needs for their feet and, depending on their health, they may have other conditions which should be taken into account. For instance, many seniors must be able to get the right walking shoes to prevent falls.

We will be reviewing walking shoes for the elderly 2022 and we will go over some different types of shoes as well as their advantages and possible disadvantages for seniors and the elderly. We will look at issues such as comfort, safety, easy of access, durability, and the effectiveness of different features of the shoes.

The first thing to assess when shopping for walking shoes for elderly people is the level of flexibility for the particular senior you’re shopping for. If a senior has limited flexibility to bend to their shoes then you would want to consider something they could slip on and off easily, without complicated laces or other features. This would also mean looking at a wider shoe that provides them with a lot of room to get their foot in and out.

You will also want to consider any of your health conditions that may require a specific kind of shoe. For example, 1 in 5 people will develop diabetes after the age of 65. The best walking shoes for seniors, especially those with diabetes, would be wide, soft shoes that would not rub up against their skin. This will help to avoid sores and infections which would be especially problematic for a senior with health issues. It will also be more comfortable in general for a senior with diabetes, since their skin can be very sensitive. Looking for shoes that have “breathable” or “mesh” features would be good for preventing bacteria from entering the shoe. This would add another layer of protection for seniors who may be in danger if they get an infection.

As people get older and become elderly, they will have some changes in their ability to balance and may be more susceptible to falling and injury. In order to minimize the risk of falling, it is very important to look at shoes that have a non-slip sole. This will help the seniors feel more grounded when they are walking around and reduce the likelihood that they will slip and become injured. It is also important to consider whether or not the person will be wearing socks when using a particular shoe since that could change how anti-slip the shoe is on the interior.

As far as what to avoid in a shoe, you should avoid shoes that don’t have a back or have a very low back. These kinds of shoes often shift around and would not be good for someone who may have balance issues. Shoes with lots of straps can also irritate people with certain feet sensitivities and potentially cause injury. Shoes with heels should also be avoided for the same reason. You want to make sure you have a comfortable shoe that you feel balanced in and can walk in easily.

Now we will take a look at some specific pairs of best walking shoes for seniors. First, you will see a table list of the best walking shoes for seniors. Below the table, you will be able to read the reviews of each and every one of those awesome shoes to improve balance.

Best Walking Shoes for Senior Men/Senior women 2022

Shoes Gender Ratings  Price
Propet Men’s M5015 Senior Men Excellent $30 & up
Scurtain Sneaker Senior Men Excellent Under $50

Propet Men’s M5015 Scandia Strap Slip-On

This leather shoe is all about comfort and ease of wear. It has a single, Velcro strap that goes across the top of the shoe so that anyone, even if you have some difficulty with laces, can use this shoe.

This shoe also offers a range of sizes and widths to accommodate the needs of all seniors. This shoe also has a low heel, at only 1.25″ which adds a level of safety and comfort for seniors while wearing.

We recommend seniors to purchase a 1/2 size larger than normal because these shoes run a little smaller than usual. This is a medicare approved diabetic shoe. Thus, any seniors over 65 year old with diabetes must take a look at these shoes. If you need a lightweight walking shoe for seniors with diabetes, you should consider Proper Men’s M5015 shoe.

Scurtain Men’s Outdoor Sneaker –  Non-Slip Lightweight Walking Shoes for Seniors 2022

This shoe is super lightweight so it will not put any strain as a senior walks with this shoe on their foot. This show also boasts 2 easy to use Velcro straps across the top of the shoe.

The straps are also made of elastic to make it easier to adjust and properly fit to the foot. This also makes the shoes easy to get on and off, great for seniors and the elderly no matter what their needs are.

This is an ideal outdoor walking shoe for seniors because of its lightweight and soft texture. This is also a cheap walking shoes with a price tag of under $50. These are perfect shoes for seniors to walk safely for an affordable price.

Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 4 Incredible Walking Shoe

Perfect for seniors who want an easy, lightweight walking shoe, this shoe by Skechers is made of mesh and bamboo making it incredibly lightweight. This shoe is especially good with seniors who have diabetes and other health problems where you would want to make sure to avoid bacteria when possible. The mesh on this shoe allows it to breathe and provides antibacterial odor control. For seniors who want to avoid dealing with straps and laces, I would recommend this shoe. It is a slip on model so there is no fussing with anything and very little need to bend all the way down to put on your shoes.

New Balance Women’s 496v3 Cush + Walking Shoe – Best walking shoes for older women 2022

This shoe would be good for younger seniors who may not have any mobility problems. This is perfect walking shoe for 60 year old women and 65 year old women. It offers a lace tie which assists in getting the fit properly situated but could be problematic for elderly senior ladies who have problems bending over or using their hands.

The sole is rubber and is non slip so there is added security when it comes to balance. Ultra-soft interior, this shoe would be very comfortable for seniors who have sensitive feet. This shoe also has an interesting feature that helps guide the footpath through the walking gait. This would be a great feature for an active senior who wants to make sure their gait is aligned properly. These really are the best new balance shoes for senior women!

Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 2 Slip-on Walking Shoe

Easy to slip on and off, this shoe would be great for seniors of any age. There are no laces to deal with so you can easily take this shoe on and off, a benefit for seniors who may be dealing with mobility and flexibility issues. This is also a very lightweight shoe so it will not put extra strain on your legs or ankle when wearing it. This Skechers shoe also has a lining that allows the wearer to wear the shoe while barefoot. This might be good for a senior who would have trouble dealing with socks on their own and give them more freedom to wear comfortable shoes.

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