Best Velcro Shoes for Seniors/Elderly Men and Ladies

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Comfort and style knows no age, but fumbling with laces, or slip on shoes that slip right off, can be daunting as well as dangerous for senior citizens. The solution? Velcro shoes: they’re not just for kids. Seniors constantly look for the best velcro shoes for elderly. 

With so many brands and styles out there these days, shopping for the best Velcro shoes for seniors offers variety and ease. Velcro shoes offer seniors the freedom of tying laces and from the worry of them becoming untied. No more frustration, pain or unnecessary accidents from tripping too.

When buying Velcro shoes for elderly, buyers should make sure to focus on key features for safety without sacrificing comfort or value. 

Sole and Tread

The sole construction is the foundation of a great shoe. Too thin and the wearer will feel every rock or uneven ground. If the sole isn’t made of a good quality rubber, it can also fall apart and lead to accidents such as tripping or falling. While the sole should be firm, the rubber should also be flexible and lightweight.

Tread should be durable enough to grip surfaces and withstand repeated wear, to ensure that accidental slips due to weather or spills are minimal. Quality rubber helps, but the tread design also plays a role. Shoe bottoms with pre-texture will be better than smooth soles, which can lead to slippage.


A quality midsole goes hand-in-hand with the bottom sole; however, it’s a connected construction and listed separately. A shoe can have an excellent bottom sole, but it lacks a quality midsole and vice versa. Midsoles help cushion steps, offer arch support, and can be the difference between sore feet, knees, and hips and having no to minimal discomfort by the day’s end.


This part of the shoe is most visible. The style of shoe is a personal choice, but buyers should seek leather, canvas, and other breathable materials made for long-last wear. Canvas or leather offer versatility while providing the best comfort and fit in Velcro shoes for the elderly.

Do you really need shock absorption?

Yes, everyone should wear a shoe with shock absorption. While walking is a great exercise, it can hurt and potentially harm joints. Seniors with arthritis can protect themselves from further pain or discomfort by wearing a shoe with shock absorption. Wearing a low quality, or non-shock absorbing, shoe can lead to sore feet, knees, hips, and even cause lower and upper back pain.

All walking and athletic shoes offer a level of shock absorption, even if it isn’t stated, but a few brands have better absorption than others do. This, too, goes hand-in-hand with both the quality of a sole and the midsole construction as well as the heel construction. 

Best Five Velcro Shoes for the Elderly

Now that we know what to look for in a high-quality shoe, let’s look at some of the best Velcro shoes for seniors. Whether you prefer the convenience, fit, style, or all of the above, a shoe from the list below is bound to fit your needs and the quality you deserve.

Some shoes might offer extra benefits, such as removable inserts, multiple widths and extended sizes, or a variety of colors, and those features can make a Velcro shoe for the elderly stand out. Individual needs and wants will vary. 

We will see a table with list of our favorite shoes first and below that we will be reviewing each of those shoes in more detail. 

Best Velcro Shoes for Elderly 2021

Velcro Gender Price Ratings
New Balance MW813V1 Men $67-$200 Excellent
Skechers Afterburn Men $37-$60 Very Good
Vans Unisex Velcro Unisex $29-$82 Excellent
New Balance WW577 Women $30-$160 Excellent
Propet Women’s Tour Walker Women $21-$105 Excellent


New Balance Men’s MW813V1 Hook and Loop Lightweight Velcro Shoe for Elderly 2021

This velcro shoe makes a handsome and versatile addition to any wardrobe and great for busy seniors and everyday wear. It comes in multiple colors, widths, and two fun styles, including a walking sandal perfect for warm weather.

A leather upper and flexible but sturdy rubber sole ensures a long-lasting shoe, and the lightweight polyurethane midsole and roller bar offers comfort, safety, and stability. We are confidient this is one of best lightweight velcro shoes for elderly. 

Take a look at this New Balance velcro shoes

Skechers Men’s Afterburn M. Fit Stike on Velcro Shoes for Seniors

The Afterburn is a great shoe for active seniors who need a durable shoe that is suitable for all terrain. Reinforced Velcro closure means the wearer doesn’t need to readjust or worry about breakage.

The memory foam inside cushions steps and makes them ideal for anyone requiring extended daily wear. This shoe also comes in wide width making it ideal for seniors with swollen feet although most people do not recommend it for seniors with diabetics. 

Take a look at this velcro shoes

Vans Unisex Shoes Style 23 V (Canvas) Skate Sneakers

Fashionable yet comfortable, these unisex shoes offer more than style. These shoes are not just for skating and perfect for park strolls. Made from breathable, durable canvas and high-quality rubber, the Vans unisex shoe comes in 12 fun colors and works for men and women’s wardrobes.

Triple Velcro closure offers a truly custom fit. One downside to this style is they don’t come in wide width; however, the canvas does break in and stretch to the foot over time. Since these are unisex velcro shoes, they are ideal for both senior men and senior ladies. 

Take a look at this velcro shoe

New Balance Women’s WW577 Velcro Shoes for Elderly Women

Similar to the men’s version, this shoe offers a classic addition to any woman’s wardrobe and comfort and stability without sacrificing fashion. The New Balance Women’s Walking Shoe also comes in 3 neutral colors and narrow, medium, and wide widths.

The ABZORB SBS technology in the heel reduces shock considerably for long-term wear without discomfort.

This is one of the best New Balance Velcro shoes for Elderly women!

Take a look at this Velcro Shoe

Propet Women’s Tour Walker Strap Sneaker

Sleek but functional, Propet Women’s Tour Walker Strap Sneakers are Medicare approved. They offer a slip-resistant herringbone tread that makes them great for all weather and terrain.

The full-grain leather upper makes them fashionable without sacrificing the quality of the shoe. This shoe is available in five widths and extended sizes too.

These are perfect velcros for senior women who are looking for a pair of comfortable velcro shoes!

Take a Look at this velcro

To conclude this article, we really hope that you now have a pretty good idea about the best velcro shoes that are ideal for senior citizens. If you still have any questions and need help finding the best velcro shoes for you, use the comment box below to get in touch with us. Do not forget to like our FaceBook page so that we can deliver shopping tips like these to you periodically! 

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EliteElderly Team
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