Best Vacuums For Seniors & Elderly Senior Citizens

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In this article, we explore 5 best vacuum cleaners for senior citizens to help them make informed decision to buy the best vacuum for seniors.

A vacuum cleaner is the most easy-to-use appliance that not only saves time but also minimizes the number of humans participating in the cleaning processes. Another important significance of a vacuum cleaner is that it reduces human effort by being mechanically efficient.

How will we choose the best vacuum cleaners for senior citizens in 2021?

Each vacuum cleaner will be assessed for its benefits & features and how it is a suitable pick for the elderly. In order to best understand how to serve the needs of an elderly when it comes to buying a cleaning appliance, we should analyze several factors to create a criterion for suitable vacuum cleaners. Here are some important things to bear in mind:

Many elderly people cannot lug a heavy vacuum throughout their house. Unfortunately, their health and age fragility do not permit doing so. Therefore, choosing a lightweight vacuum is important for many seniors. The weight of the vacuum should be a top-priority as you go along searching for the best one. It also proves to be a friendly choice for those with restrictions such as arthritis, back pain or other medical conditions.

The body of the vacuum cleaner is also important to analyze for senior citizens. Any vacuum cleaner that has an easy to grip structure and doesn’t require much strength to exert control on it is a good selection. Generally, stick vacuums are ideal but if one can find more features included, such as vacuum pressure pipes to maneuver in tight corners and not so easy to access spaces, it makes the task easier and manageable for senior citizens without straining themselves.

Last but not least, it is worthwhile to consider which kind of flooring a person has at home. Usually flooring can create resistance and call for extra strength and effort to glide the vacuum against. In such circumstances, assess the vacuum’s ability to move against hard flooring with little effort.

Whichever kind that gets the job done for an elderly person in an ideal investment. The following 5 best vacuum cleaners for seniors have been compiled based on their performances and customer rating to assist potential buyers in choosing the one that best matches their needs. After the tableview, we will be reviewing them in more details!

Vacuum Cleaners for Elderly 2021 Weight  Price
Bissell CleanView 15.5 lbs Under $100
Shark Rotator 15.5 lbs Under $200
iRobot Roomba 960 11.7 lbs Under $700
Dyson Big Ball Canister Vacuum 17.6 lbs Under $400
Eufy HomeVac Lightweight Cordless Vacuum 5.8 lbs Under $150

Bissell CleanView Bagless Upright Vacuum – Excellent Vacuum for seniors 2021

easy to use vacuum for seniors
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The Bissell CleanView comes equipped with a OnePass Technology that provides powerful and nonstop suction.

This upright vacuum cleaner is designed with an innovative brush that cleans on the initial pass. It includes the following:

  • TurboBrush Tool – used for cleaning stairs, furniture, upholstery and many more things,
  • Cyclonic Cleaning – it enables the vacuum to clean for extended hours, Bottom Easy Empty
  • Dirt Tank – it provides a large capacity for collecting dirt, Washable Foam Tank Filter – this is a filter that can be washed and reused upon collecting dirt and debris.

The Bissell CleanView vacuum cleaner features a multi-level filtration that helps reduce household allergens. It is hooked up to a 25-foot power cord and comes with a 2 year warranty. This vacuum cleaner has a 1330 motor power and works perfectly on carpets. It is lightweight, which makes it ideal for most elderly folks.

Price & More Details – Bissell CleanView

Shark Rotator – Best lightweight Vacuum Cleaner for Senior citizens 2021

lightweight vacuum for seniors
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With the Shark Rotator vacuum, one can lift away with just a press of a button. It helps clean hard to reach areas. And most importantly, it is a lightweight vacuum weighing about 15 lbs.

It is a 2-in-1 vacuum that includes dual features: Upright and Lift-Away – both useful for portable cleaning. It comes with a Premium Pet Power Brush, ideal for senior citizens with pets. This easy to use vacuum for seniors picks up pet hair and deep cleans debris from all surfaces.

This vacuum comes equipped with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and a HEPA filter, which efficiently collects all dust and traps allergens inside the vacuum. It has an Advanced Swivel Steering with LED headlights, which provides excellent control for maneuvering around objects in the room.

It comes with a large capacity dust cap. This is one of the best lightweight vacuums for seniors that are accustomed to portability and easy carriage. The headlights come in handy to detect any leftover debris. The Shark rotator has a long cord that makes it stretch over wider areas. If you need the best lightweight vacuum cleaner for senior citizens, this could be it!

In particular, if a senior has rheumatoid arthritis, the iRobot Roomba 650 robot is the best vacuum for rheumatoid arthritis.

Price & Details – Shark Rotator Upright Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum – Best Vacuum for Seniors with pets

Any senior with pets looking for the best vacuum can hugely benifit from iRobot Roomba 960 robot vacuum.

iRobot, as the name suggests, is a product of smart technology. It operates independently. It comes with iAdapt Navigation that keeps the floors consistently clean by being scheduled to vacuum up to 7x per week. The Robot vacuum operates on a 3 Stage Cleaning System: loosen, lift and suck.

This vacuum is engineered to perform these functions to remove anything from small particles to large debris from any flooring. It has Dirt Detecting sensors that alert the Roomba vacuum to clean more thoroughly in areas that are more dirt ridden. Its autonomy includes docking, recharging, adjusting to all floor types including laminate, hardwood, carpet and tile and intelligently navigating the house. The appliance is a unique cleaner that lifts all the burden of cleaning off the shoulders of the owner.

It does a fine job in removing debris, dust and pet hair. It has Dual Multi-Surface Brushes, one brush loosens the dust, and the other picks it up. For tech savvy elderly folks, this is a dream product to own. Please note this works differently than the traditional vacuum cleaners. You can watch the video below to see this vacuum in action!

Dyson Big Ball Multi-floor Canister Vacuum – Best Senior Friendly push Vacuum 2021

The Dyson Big Ball comes with a HYGIENIC dirt ejector – this feature drives out trapped dust and eliminates it. The Carbon fiber turbine head – is made with carbon filaments designed to pick up fine dust. It is used for the purpose of thoroughly eliminating dust and debris. The stiff nylon bristles scoop out ground-in dirt and loosen them.

This vacuum gets back on its feet when it topples. The Dyson cleaner has achieved the highest score in the following four areas: easy usage; features; style and appearance; and warranty. It comes equipped with Ball technology – this allows the vacuum to turn and follow the owner with easy movement.

With 5 year warranty, this vacuum cleaner features Radial Cyclones, which are 2 tier cyclones that remove more dirt and allergens. It is certified asthma and allergy friendly with Whole-machine HEPA filtration.

It is lightweight, efficient and spares people the hassle of bag changing. The elderly can enjoy this vacuum with fewer related tasks to follow up with. This too is an optimal vacuum for seniors with bad back, back pain and arthritis.

Price & More Details – Dyson Big Ball Multi-floor Canister Vacuum

Eufy HomeVac Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner –  Cheap Vacuum cleaner for seniors 2021

Cheap vacuum for seniors
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The Eufy HomeVac Lightweight Cordless vacuum has a Powerful Suction feature that cleans the home in one pass. It has a powerful Cyclonic System that saves time and energy. The electric rolling brush work hand-in-hand to clean efficiently. Its Large 2200 mAh Li-ion battery enables the cordless vacuum to perform up to 50 minutes of vacuuming.

It can be carried effortlessly around the house. The large 0.9L dust holder offers easy clean up and quickly detaches for emptying. It comes equipped with HomeVac, AC power adapter, wall mount and mounting accessories, welcome guide and a 15-month warranty. The HomeVac feature uses a HEPA-style filter that traps and prevents allergens such as dust mites, pet dander and mold spores from being released into the air as it scoops out dirt and swallows it.

The vacuum provides an effortless cleaning experience for the elderly as its maneuverable swivel head pivots around furniture and slides under easily.

The best part is the price which is really affordable and can be purchased for around $100. If you need a cheap senior friendly vacuum cleaner, this vacuum is a great choice!

Price & More Details – Eufy HomeVac

Conclusion –  Best Vacuum for Seniors 2021

Those are some the best vacuum cleaners for senior citizens and are senior friendly. Having any one of those vacuum will make a senior’s life much easier when it’s time to clean the carpet or hardwood. Please share this article on Facebook with your friends as well!

This article addressed:

  • Best push vacuum for seniors
  • Ideal vacuum for arthritis sufferers
  • Best lightweight vacuum for seniors
  • Vacuum for seniors with bad back and back pain
  • Cheap and easy to use senior friendly vacuum cleaners
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