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This article will address the best putters for seniors on the market for 2021. We’ve reviewed some of the best golf putters for seniors and favorites among elderly and grandparents. Among the best golf putters for senior citizens, and, putters for senior ladies, we’ve come up with this comprehensive tried and true list to review.

You may be wondering why older adults would need a different set of clubs. As we become grandparents after many years of hard work, we don’t want to be viewed as elderly. Without a doubt, these are some of the best years of our lives. As most of us are aware, when we play sports we sometimes wish we could play like when we were younger. Older adults are able to find the best golf putters for senior citizens giving them the confidence and capability to improve their game significantly.

Seniors should concentrate on head and shaft design when looking into buying the best putters for seniors. A flexible shaft will help with your swing. The golf club head is an important factor in the best putters for seniors. A good head will have a marked sweet spot to guide you to get that ball in the hole.

Now without wasting time, let us jump right into reviewing several best putter for seniors.

Best Putter for Seniors 2021 | Putter for Senior Ladies

Putter Orientation Price Ratings
Pinemeadow PGX Right Under $50 Excellent
Two way Putter Right/Left Under $50 Excellent
Cleveland Hutington Right/Left Under $100 Excellent
TaylorMade Spider Tour Right/Left Under $300 Excellent
PineMeadow Women PGX Right/Left Under $50 Excellent
SR500 Silver Ray Right Under $50 Excellent

Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter – Cheap Putter for seniors 2021

Best Putter for Seniors
Best Putter for Seniors. Image Credit:

This putter is one of the best putter for seniors from the world-famous Primeadow Golf.

Its versatility will let you play on more greens around the globe. With a right-hand orientation, this recognizable putter stands out with a white head. This means while you’re in the address position, you’ll be able to hit the ball precisely while keeping your eye on the target.

With a 34-inch putter length and 380-gram weight, the club will assist you in the speed of your game as well. This is a player favorite and scores exceptionally high ratings from users. Affordability, style, and performance are all incorporated into the design. 

We believe these are affordable putter for seniors!

More Details – Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter

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Quolf Golf- Two-Way Putter For seniors

This stylish putter from Quolf Golf is great for the older player. With the versatility of being both a left and right-handed putter, it’s suitable for nearly any player including seniors.

This is also a great choice for grandparents who like to go to mini-golf with their grandchildren or practicing indoors. Petite players will appreciate this putter as it’s designed for elderly players. 

Available for a budget price, we recommend this putter for anyone especially those who are looking for the best putter for senior golfers!

More Details of this 2 way Putter

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Cleveland Golf 2017 Men’s Huntington Beach – Easiest Putter for seniors 2021

This fan favorite is brought to you by Cleveland Golf. A stainless steel construction and beautiful design will have you put away for years to come.

The proven and modern design will give you the confidence to make those all important shots. Coming in three different sizes of 33 to 35 inches and either left or, right-handed orientation, there’s a choice for every player. For older players looking for a more consistent roll, this is a top choice. 

Weighing just 1.4 lbs, this is one of the lightweight putter for seniors. 

More Details – Cleveland Putter

TaylorMade – Spider Tour Putter (Platinum) – Best for older pro golfers

This putter has everything. The stylish design features a red and tour chrome body. Not only will you look great on the course, but, you’ll feel great after a game too.

The 34-35 inch and multi-handed versatility mean there’s a choice for everyone. With milled gunmetal and the best in stability, you’ll be sure to make the shot. Consistency is the key to this club. Seamless crown, a great sightline, and vibration dampening construction give you the confidence and control to have a great game every single time. 

Little more costly than the other putter on this list, they are worth every dime! You can also gift this putter for your golf enthusiast elderly relatives. 

More Details – TaylorMade Spider Putter For Seniors

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Primemeadow Golf Women’s PGX Putter – Best Putter for Senior Ladies 2021

Similar to the Men’s version of the PGX Putter, the women’s model features all the same great features.

From the stylish white design to the ability to stay on target always, you’ll soon see why we love this putter so much. The tour weighted design gives you an additional 40 grams to provide you not only with the best put, but, you also have the versatility to play around the world. A custom PGX head cover is also included, giving you additional functionality and style. Both right or left-handed orientations are available.

This is definitely the best putter for senior ladies. 

More Details – Primemeadow Golf Women’s PGX Putter

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Ray Cook Golf- Silver Ray SR500 Putter – Easy to use putter for Senior Golfers

From Ray Cook Golf comes innovation, style, and, of course, reliability. From the right-handed orientation to the mid-size grip, you’ll be on top of your game with this putter. The charcoal grey color gives a feeling of sophistication on the green.

The slightly weighted head adds to the performance and gives you a consistent, more fluid stroke each and every time. We’re certain you’ll find this a great choice with several different variations and sizes available. 

This putter is an ideal putter for senior golfers as well as players over 50 and players over 60. 

More Details – Silver Ray SR500 Putter

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