Best Luggage For Seniors/Older Travelers

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We will review the best luggage for seniors in 2022 in this article. We will be reviewing lightweight, senior-friendly, and various types of luggage for older people.

Due to personal reasons, senior citizens are constantly traveling around the country and sometimes around the globe. It could be a vacation trip or a family trip. Regardless of the reason for travel, one thing is certain-Senior citizens, just like travelers of all age groups, will likely need luggage to carry their belongings with them.

That begs a question. How to find the best luggage for elderly people? The answer is simple. By reading this article from top to the bottom! We will be handpicking several senior-friendly luggage for you to choose from!

How do we choose the best luggage for the elderly?

We will consider several factors before handpicking the luggage for the recommendation. Price is always a strong factor and it is an important factor for many seniors who are on a budget. We will also consider durability, weight, ease of use, portability, and dimensions of the luggage. Once the luggage meets all of our criteria, we then will review it in brief for you.

So, let’s start.

List of elderly-friendly luggage – 2022

LuggageSizeWeight Price
AmazonBasics Carry-on/Cabin20 inchAbout 7 lbsUnder $100
HAUPTSTADTKOFFER Luggage3 pc; 20″, 24″, 28″Depends on pcUnder $200
Dakine Roller LuggageEither 30″ or 32″10 & 11 lbs$150+
Briggs & Riley luggage27″About 9 lbs$400+
Rockland Luggage4pc; 18″ ,22″ ,26″ ,30″Depends on pcUnder $150
Best Luggage For Seniors 2022

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AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage – Best Carry on luggage for senior citizens under $100 2022

best luggage for seniors
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After much thought, we decided to recommend this carry-on luggage for older people for a variety of reasons.

This is cheap carry-on luggage available for under $50 and is senior citizen-friendly. This is cabin-size carry-on luggage that will fit into cabins of almost all airlines out there.

This scratch-resistant luggage is made up of a protective hard shell and extra-thick ABS for added strength and durability. Its interior has three pockets (zippered) that can be used to store little items. In addition, this carry-on luggage is expandable and can carry more items.

In terms of portability, this carry-on luggage comes with 4 double spinning wheels making mobility in any direction smooth. That is certainly a plus for senior citizens.

For these reasons, AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage is our favorite pick when it comes to choosing the best carry-on luggage for the elderly.

Tip: If you go to this page, it will allow you to choose the ideal carry-on bag based on airlines.

Price & More Details:  AmazonBasics Spinner Luggage

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HAUPTSTADTKOFFER Luggages Set – Best Luggage set for older adults

best luggage set for seniors
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Made with premium materials and designed to last long, this is a 3pc luggage set that we consider to be the best choice for seniors.

This set comes with 3 luggage (20 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches). The 20-inch piece will go with you in the cabin while the other 2 should be checked in. These are easy luggage with wheels and abundant space to carry your items.

This sturdy luggage set is available in many different colors and your color choice can make a slight difference in the price. Nevertheless, this luggage set is worth every penny and we highly recommend this set for seniors. Also, if you are looking for the best luggage for your grandparents, this set makes a perfect gift for a budget price!

Price & More Details – HAUPTSTADTKOFFER Luggages Set

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Dakine – Unisex Split Roller Luggage Bag – Best rolling luggage for seniors in 2022

best rolling luggage for seniors
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We recommend Dakine roller luggage for anyone looking for the best rolling luggage for seniors.

Available in multiple colors and 2 different sizes, these are extremely durable and portable rolling luggage making them senior-friendly. It looks similar to a duffel bag but is actually a suitcase.

It comes in 2 sizes; 85L (30 inches) and 110L (32 inches). This luggage has a split-level design. That allows easy access and organization of items and medicines. It also includes mesh dividers for better organization. There is also an inside compartment which you can use to place items that you would like to separate from the other items, for example, dirty clothes. 

Those features and a limited lifetime warranty make this rolling luggage a perfect choice for seniors.

Price & More Details – Dakine Roller Luggage Bag

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Briggs & Riley Expandable Luggage – A very good luggage for elderly

The Briggs & Riley expandable luggage is another ideal choice for seniors. Although it has a hefty price tag, people who already own this product love it and seem to think the price is reasonable.

Made with 100% nylon, this is a 27″ luggage with expandable features. This bag has a zipper closure. Briggs & Riley claims that this luggage can hold 26% more items.

It has a SpeedThru pocket where you can quickly store and remove items. That will come in handy while you are trying to get past checkpoints! Its double swivel wheels will allow smooth and easy 360° movement. 

Weighing under 10 lbs, we believe this is one of the best lightweight luggage for seniors.

Because this push easy luggage for older travelers costs several hundred dollars, we ask you to watch the video below and see it in action. It is always nice to see the product in action when you are spending hundreds of dollars! Also, this luggage comes with a lifetime warranty.

Get Briggs & Riley Expandable Luggage Here

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Rockland Luggage – Cheap Luggage for Seniors 2022

While the AmazonBasics luggage reviewed above is the cheapest purchase in terms of total dollars spent, this luggage is the cheapest when you compare dollars to what you will be getting.

For a cheap price of under $150, this is a 4 pc luggage set! That’s 4 pieces! You will get bags with sizes of 18″, 22″, 26″ and 30″. Just like other luggage, these also have wheels and are senior-friendly. If budget is your concern and you are in need of a combination of carry-on plus check-in bags, you should seriously consider this set!

See the exact price of Rockland Luggage

Hopefully, that was helpful! Thank you for reading and safe travels! Do not forget to share/like this article!

This article addressed:

  • Best lightweight luggage for seniors
  • Push easy luggage
  • Rolling luggage for seniors
  • Best Carry-on for seniors

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