Best Golf Wedges For Seniors – Pros & Beginners.

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This article will help you find the best Golf wedges for seniors and golfers over the age of 50. We will handpick 5 best wedges for seniors and will review them in detail!

In days gone by, golf was the simple action of hitting a tiny ball with a long stick. Now with the innovation of technology one needs to be an astrophysicist just to understand what constitutes a decent golf club.

To provide clarity amidst confusion we have taken time to research 5 of the best golf wedges for seniors. Our review takes into specific account the elderly golfers who take to the links for exercise and recreation. If you are in the market for a new wedge, this review is here to assist you in making that decision. We have also reviewed specific wedges for our senior ladies of the course as well. Therefore, if you are looking for the best wedges for senior golfers, look no further.

Best Golf Wedges for Seniors and Senior Ladies

Golf Wedges Orientation Price Ratings
Cleveland 588 RTX Wedge Left/Right Under $100 Excellent
Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge Left/Right Under $50 Excellent
Cleveland CBX Wedge 2021 Left/Right Under $150 Excellent
Wilson Women’s Wedge Right Under $50 Excellent
Mizuno T7 Blue Ion Wedge Left/Right Under $200 Excellent

Cleveland Men’s 588 RTX – Best Golf Wedge for Senior Golfers 2021

Best golf wedge for seniors
Best golf wedge for seniors. Image Credit:

The purpose of any wedge is to get you to the green. The number one priority for many Cleveland engineers is the creation of wedges that grant players remarkable spin. A very useful trait when stuck in the rough.

The 588 RTX is the product of three different technologies all interwoven into its face. Rotex milling, which creates micro patterns for an increase in friction, which generates more spin. Tour Zip Groves, which create steeper walls so moisture, grass, and dirt fall away from the face granting consistency in spin.

Finally Laser milling, which enhances the texture of the club to allow another increase to spin. RTX wedges are ideal for chip and pitch shots, allowing golfers better success at lofting from the rough onto the green. Cleveland is very user friendly as well, offering an easy to follow dot system to assist golfers with choosing the right wedge. Elderly players may enjoy the dot system as the range from one to three covers different angle of stroke. This provides a club that matches your physical make-up, preventing unnatural bending when in the process of swing. The 588 RTX is one of the best golf wedges for seniors.

More Details- Cleveland Men’s 588 RTX

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Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge – Another senior friendly Wedge for older golfers

Wherever you find yourself after your initial drive to the fairway, you want you second shot to get to the green. Harmonized wedges ensure a better chance of doing that.

Wilson wedges improve efficiency around the pin because the design of the sole uses grinding, which allows for a more open face. The blade is versatile so it plays well from rough, fairway, or sand. It also produces higher shots for better angles at the pin.

The open face is the real seller though as it provides the boost to accuracy. Playing with this wedge gives a golfer more options when hitting towards the green. It cancels out backspin so that bounce results in a dead stop. It also rules out the chances of your ball rolling away from the pin, giving you the satisfaction of keeping position close to the hole.

For beginner senior golfers looking to better their aim and handicap, look no further than Wilson Harmonized wedges. These are also ideal wedges for those looking for the cheap golf wedge for seniors. 

More Details – Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

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Cleveland Gold Men’s CBX Wedge for Professional senior golf players 2021

Cleveland’s CBX wedges serve as shot savers. Made with a cavity back design, such clubs are very forgiving for mishit shots. The way it works is weight distribution in the design of the blade. Cleveland engineers reconstituted about 70 grams of weight to the clubhead’s perimeter. This change in balance makes CBX one of the best wedges for senior golfers. CBX wedges also have a Dual V-Sole, which means the sole of the club from front to back is in the shape of a V. This allows for spectacular interaction with the turf as well as a wider toe on the club. These features combined create maximum forgiveness and versatility.

If you slice, if you pitch in a certain direction, drop your head, turn the club, whatever the kink CBX will save you. CBX also has a narrow heel to increase versatility as well. CBX wedges also have feel balancing technology, which removes weight from the hosel enabling a better position of the heel and center of the clubface. This means you can feel the difference in your swing as well as see it. Your shots will get tighter, and your swing will feel great. A good quality for senior citizens.

Rotex Face Technology utilizes Zip Grooves and milling process for enhanced spin. Just as with the 588 RTX, the CBX features a dot system as well to accommodate for the various loft angles in individual players. They also provide the option of using True Temper Dynamic Gold 115 steel shafts. These shafts are good for lighter weight clubs. Good for elderly golfers who need modified weight, and for female golfers as well. The lightweight model is optimal for senior ladies.

More Details – Cleveland Gold Men’s CBX Wedge

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Wilson Women’s Harmonized Golf Wedge – Best Golf Wedge for Senior ladies

Wilson also manufactures harmonized wedges for lady golfers as well. Wedges specifically designed for the physical make-up of female players, paying attention to the slight differences between physiques. A Wilson wedge allows for 60 degrees of lob, True Temper steel for lighter weight, sole grind for an open clubface, and a modified blade shape. Using this wedge reduces bounce, creates a dead stop for spin, and a boost to accuracy. It will definitely improve the game of anyone who uses it.

These wedges are also versatile for a wide range of surfaces. Overall women golfers have a difference stance, swing speed, and angle than male golfers. Wilson wedges specifically consider such factors. These harmonized wedges are also great for senior ladies, as they are easy to use, cause less strain, and accommodate changes to physiology that come with age.

More Details – Wilson Women’s Harmonized Golf Wedge

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Mizuno Golf Men’s T7 Blue Ion Wedge

The T7 Blue Ion Wedge uses boron infused steel and modified milling to create durable grooves that last a long time. In addition to adding more control to spin, Mizuno wedges are very solid. The grooves do not wear for a long time, enabling lasting use of the club. Quad cut grooves provide enhanced lob, which is beneficial for sand shots.

The T7 also has gap wedges to provide spin control on full shots. Unlike some wedges that provide spin control for short distance shots to the green, T7 takes into account driving shots made from the fairway. Ideal for long fairways where more than one full shot gets you to the green. The best part about Mizuno wedges is their customization.

Players can fully modify every aspect of their club from shaft, to grip, to the color of the finish, and finally the weight of the club. Providing the golfer an ideal club to improve their game. This is another best golf wedge for seniors and professional players over the age of 50 or 60 and are the best wedges for mid and high handicappers. 

More Details – Mizuno Golf Men’s T7 Blue Ion Wedge

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