Best Golf Shoes For Seniors. Senior Men & Ladies Golfers

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You will have a pretty good idea about the best golf shoes for seniors 2021 after you read this article. In this article, we have reviewed some of the most comfortable golf shoes for senior men as well as senior women.

There are certain factors seniors should consider while purchasing golf shoes. First, right size and fit of the shoe is important. Senior citizens should ensure that the shoe fits him/her properly since aside from walking long distances, he or she is standing, walking or hitting the ball for 4-5 hours. Therefore, elderly golfers must make sure the shoe is comfortable. We also recommend seniors to carry a pair of comfortable socks on the course.

Second, seniors should determine if they are more comfortable with cleated or shoes without cleats. Cleated shoes are better on courses that are wet or hilly since they give more grips while on dry surfaces both types of shoes have the same amount of traction. Nevertheless, cleat-less golf shoes are preferred by many beginner senior golfers since they are lightweight and have flexible soles. However, we recommend cleated golf shoes because they are specifically designed for golfers like yourself!

Third, older golfers should consider their style whether they prefer traditional or athletic shoes. Athletic shoes have a classic look and are long lasting. Leather material ensures comfort and makes them waterproof. The traditional shoes allows air circulation but they look alike with the everyday running footwear.

We also recommend senior citizens to get waterproof golf shoes. Waterproof golf shoes are optimal while playing during dewy morning and wet course.

Price is something some senior citizens might want to consider. However, we strongly recommend you to trade comfort and durability for price.

Now that you have a general idea about what to look for before choosing the best golf shoes for senior women and men, we will review 5 best of the best golf shoes that are great for elderly golfers. We recommend you to read the full article to get detailed information!

Best Golf Shoes For Seniors 2021 | Best Golf Shoes for Senior Ladies 2021

Our 5 top golf shoe for seniors picks include; Adidas Men’s Tech Response 4.0WD Golf Cleated shoe, Callaway Men’s Balboa Vent Golf Shoe, Puma Men’s Titan tour Ignite Golf shoe, New Balance Women’s NBGW1006 Golf shoe and Puma Women’s Monolite Cat Woven Golf shoe.

Golf Shoe Gender Price
Adidas Tech 4.0WD Senior Men $50 & up
Callaway Balboa Vent Senior Men $50 & up
PUMA Titantour Ignite Senior Men $65 & up
New Balance NBGW1006 Senior Women $40 & up
PUMA Monolite Cat Woven  Senior Ladies $65 & up

Adidas Men’s Tech Response 4.0WD Golf Cleated – One of the best golf shoe for seniors 2021

Image Credit: Best golf shoes for seniors.

The Adidas Men’s Tech Response golf cleated is an imported shoe made of textile and synthetic. It has a rubber sole with thin tech cleats.

These Adidas thin tech cleats are a unique advanced cleat system which is comprised of a low profile, an anti-clogging cleat design and a thin outer sole which ensures senior golfers are close to the ground so they have a good transfer of power, balance and stay consistent in striking the ball.

These golf shoes are highly recommended for older golfers because they fit great, are reliable and are available for a budget price of of under $100.

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Callaway Men’s Balboa Vent Golf Shoe

The Callaway men’s Balboa shoe is an imported shoe made of meshed and synthetic material. The Opti-vent mesh liner helps in managing the heat since they keep the foot cooler. It has a dura-rubber spikeless outsole that is made of multi-directional traction control lags that not only ensures the golfers’ maximum stability but also protects the golfer’s feet from any dampness on the golf course.

Together, the Opti-vent mesh upper and the Opti-soft EVA midsole in the Balboa shoe ensure that the golfer is comfortable while walking 18-holes. This shoe also has 5mm EVA sock liner which is found on the light footbed on the top of the midsole of your shoe that enhances comfort for seniors.

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PUMA Men’s Titantour Ignite Golf Shoe

The Puma men’s Titan tour is an imported shoe made of leather and synthetic. Its sole is made of rubber and its shaft is from the arch around low-top. The shoe has a PWR cool inside sole which ensures the temperature is regulated and increased comfort. The temperature regulation is made possible by utilization of phase change materials that absorb, store and give away heat to create an optimal thermal comfort. Really great choice for senior golfers!

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New Balance Women’s NBGW1006 Golf Shoe -One of the best golf shoe for senior women 2021

The new balance women’s golf shoe is imported with meshes and rubber sole. Like the Balboa men’s shoe, the meshes help to regulate the temperature of the foot. The rubber outsole is flexible and spikeless.

The REVlite midsole has a 4mm drop that ensures cushioning and good response to ensure the golfer stays focussed on his next shot. The insole is Ortholite that not only provides cool, dry comfort but also is durable. The shoes also are light in weight thus favorable not only for golf but other sports activities like running. Available for a budget price of udner $50, senior ladies will love these shoes!

PUMA Women’s Monolite Cat Woven Golf Shoe For Senior Ladies

The puma women’s Monolite cat is an imported shoe made of textile material and highly recommend these shoes for senior women golfers. The sole is of a synthetic material. Its shaft from arch approximately is low-top. It’s light in weight with mesh on the upper side to ensure the player fits in it and feels the coolness. The insole is made of a yoga mat meaning its super soft. The durable sock liner is also made from yoga mat thus the cushioning effect and comfort make the feet relaxed. The rubber is made of carbon which causes high abrasion resistance ensuring excellent grip and durability of the shoe.

Now that you know what the best shoes for senior golfers are, you can easily choose one of them for your feet. Enjoy your golf session while wearing one of our recommended golf shoe for seniors!

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