Best Golf Irons for Seniors and Elderly Golfers

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The need to take a look at the best golf irons for senior golfers comes when players over the age of 50 begin to notice their swing speed is slowing down and they may feel they have less power. We are here to help. We will review some of the best golf irons for seniors and senior ladies in 2021!

Making the choice of the best iron for seniors is often a task including the need to choose lighter weight clubs with the latest technologies providing power and accuracy. That is more important when grandparents and older adults begin to feel their game is suffering because of the changes taking place in their bodies.

As we age, the changes we see in our bodies can make a difference to the types of irons which should be chosen by the elderly for power and accuracy. The distribution of weight can often be realigned in the clubs of older adults who may benefit from the majority of the weight in their irons being positioned closer to the shaft than the head.

By planning ahead and ensuring the senior golfer makes changes in their golf bag over the course of their career most can carry on playing like they did in their younger days if the right choices are made regarding equipment.

Below we will be reviewing some of the best irons for seniors which are ideal for seniors. It is our sincere hope that you will be able to pick the best golf iron for older players after completely reading this article.

6 Best Golf Irons for Seniors 2021

Golf Iron Orientation Rating Price
Callaway Steelhead XR Iron Left/Right Excellent Under $150
TaylorMade M2 Left/Right Excellent Under $200
Callaway Men’s XR OS Iron Set Left/Right Excellent Under $700
TaylorMade Women’s M2 Right Excellent Under $150
Callaway Women’s XR Individual Iron Left/Right Excellent Under $150
TaylorMade Iron Set Left/Right Excellent Under $1000

Callaway Steelhead XR Individual Iron – Best Golf Iron for Senior Golfers 2021

Best golf iron for seniors
Best golf iron for seniors. Image Credit:

No list of the best irons for seniors would be complete without the inclusion of this piece of the latest golfing technology. This iron ensures the easiest possible launch and carries of balls played by older adults and the elderly.

The latest technology has been included in this iron which has been designed to save on weight through the shaft with a hollow design in a light graphite material. That aids in an increase in swing speed which can also see longer distances.

Across the Callaway Steelhead range, the advances made in technology and weight saving has seen different clubs created with different benefits including an easier launch for long irons, extra control is provided for mid-irons, and increased spin is encouraged during short iron play.

Any senior citizen looking for the best golf iron for older players should consider this golf iron.

More Details – Callaway Steelhead XR

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TaylorMade 2017 M2 – Another best Golf Iron for seniors 2021

The best golf irons for senior citizens should always include this set of irons from TaylorMade which lowers the center of gravity in each club to closer to the head in a bid to increase swing speed and increase carry for longer shots.

The design includes tungsten graphite materials which lower the overall weight and encourage long distances from an increased level of carrying for shots played in long and midrange iron territory.

Knowing the accuracy of a swing is decreased in elderly golfers means this is a good choice because of the innovative M2 face slots designed to limit the loss of power associated with shots hit from the heel or toe of the club.

These are ideal golf irons for players over 60 and these are also cheap golf irons for older players.

More Details – TaylorMade M2

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Callaway Women’s XR OS – Best golf iron for senior ladies 2021

Another graphite entrant into the list of best golf irons for grandparents, the OS is now ranked as one of the top irons in the world because of its light weight and the forgiveness offered for less than perfectly placed shots.

Seniors often struggle to gain the height needed to achieve longer distances because of a loss of swing speed and strength in those of an advanced age. Positioning the center of gravity of the club lower in the shaft and towards the heel of the head increases the height achieved in long iron shots to make this a positive choice for older adults who may have lost a little confidence in their golf game.

Designed for female golfers who wish to use a smaller head and lighter weight to increase speed makes this a positive entrant on the list of the best golf irons for senior ladies.

More details – Callaway Women’s XR OS

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TaylorMade 2017 Women’s M2 – Affordable club

For grandparents who are looking for a higher ball flight and greater distances, the M2 is a great option to try as it combines the latest technologies with a lightweight material. The latest technologies are used to create a club which forgives problem shots struck from the heel or toe of these irons which is often a problem for older adults who may be looking to shorten their swing as they age.

These irons have been produced to ensure every golfer has the highest level of confidence when standing over long iron shots because of the smaller head design; the head design also makes it easier for the club to slide through the turf to allow easier shots to be completed by every player.

A loss of speed in the swing can cause issues for elderly players who suffer from greater chances of movement in their swing and require the latest technology to allow shots to remain close to the target whether struck from sweet spot, heel, or toe. These are senior friendly golf irons!

More Details – TaylorMade Women’s M2

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Callaway Men’s XR OS – Best golf iron for the elders 2021

This Callaway set of golf irons is among the best for the elderly to choose as they have been specially designed to encourage greater distances and more accuracy when the swing may not be holding as firm as it used to.

These Callaway clubs are among the best irons for seniors who are looking for a center of gravity positioned to allow a greater level of power to be obtained without sacrificing the accuracy each player wants no matter what their age.

A wide sole is one of the great advantages of these irons which have been designed to be forgiving for players of all ages who hope to maintain as close to maximum power as possible over the course of each round.

We believe these are some of the best golf irons for seniors available in the market today.

More Details – Callaway Men’s XR OS

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TaylorMade 2017 Men’s M2

The flex level of these golf clubs is available in a senior edition which allows for an added level of support for players looking to feel confident with their short game around the greens.

Among the best golf irons for seniors, this TaylorMade set of clubs have been constructed with a low center of gravity and a lightweight tungsten graphite material which allow the elderly the chance to improve their swing speed and produce a higher quality shot every time.

Knowing the chances of a shank are reduced because of the smaller head size seen on these TaylorMade clubs only adds to the confidence-building design of these impressive set of the best irons for seniors.

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We hope you now have a better idea when choosing the best irons for senior golfers. Please feel free to use the comment box below to ask us any questions or to share your thoughts. Also please share this article on Facebook so that your golf buddies too can find the best golf iron for seniors in 2021!

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