6 Best Golf Driver for Seniors 2021. (Slow Swing Speed, 70-85 Mph)

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In this article we will help you find the best golf driver for seniors in 2021. Our reviewed drivers are the best drivers for slow swing speed of up to 85 mph. All of our picks are the best rated drivers for seniors. 

Unfortunately, age can slow you down, and change the way you golf. Regardless of our health, we lose strength and flexibility as older adults. This causes a slower club head speed and lowers the distance right off the tee.

The best drivers for senior golfers increases club head speed at the point of contact, have a more flexible shaft and do most of the legwork. Graphite is lighter and more flexible than steel, so you can exert more force. This is an excellent counterpoint for any loss of strength.

While choosing the best driver for seniors, you want to look at variations in the kick point, length and flex because this will have an influence on your accuracy and distance. Longer shafts will make it more difficult to control your drives. Consider a shaft length of roughly 43 to 45 inches. Most senior citizens prefer a lower kick point. This will help eliminate any sluggish, low shots due to a decrease in head speed.

Remember, every manufacturer has different stock options, each player is different, and trial and error are often the keys to success.

Nonetheless, we have compiled a small list of best drivers for senior citizens and we hope to be helpful for you to choose the best golf driver for older players!

Best Golf Driver For Seniors and Senior Ladies 2021

Golf Driver Orientation Gender Ratings Price
Cobra King F6 Right/Left Gents Excellent Under $200
TaylorMade M2 Right/Left Gents Excellent Under $300
TaylorMade M1 Right/Left Gents Excellent Under $500
Cleveland Launcher HB Right/Left Gents Excellent Under $300
Cobra Max Right/Left Ladies Excellent Under $200
Callaway GBB Epic Right Ladies Excellent Under $500


The Cobra KING F6 -Best Golf Driver For Seniors 2021

This is a men’s driver specifically made for the elderly. The frontal CG position has more roll and a penetrating ball flight. The back-CG position has more forgiveness and a towering ball flight. This will help compensate for any loss of strength or flexibility.

The face has been re-engineered with a variable thickness structure. It is hotter, thinner and lighter so ball speeds and your Sweet Zone will both increase. The loft settings are easy to adjust so you can fine tune your launching conditions, and manage your trajectory. This will maximize your swing distance for any type of swing, and enable the fine tuning of your launch conditions.

Cobra has engineered a trench going around the face’s perimeter to minimize the weight and thickness of the driver. This means your ball speed will increase.

This truly is one of the best forgiving driver for seniors in 2021!

More Details - Cobra King F6 Driver For Seniors

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The TaylorMade Men's M2 Driver 460cc - Best TaylorMade driver for seniors

This men’s driver is perfect for older adults. The titanium sole is thinner with a six-layer carbon composite crown. The leading edge has a narrower shape with a larger black carbon composite to help distribute the weight. This is excellent news if your strength has ebbed with the years.

There is a redesigned speed pocket with sensational flexibility to increase the speed of your ball. The titanium panel on the sole’s toe section has been slightly sunk in, and this will give you a larger footprint.

The face is seven percent larger than the previous edition to enlarge your Sweet Spot. Switching between shafts will be easier due to the change to aluminum from plastic for the sleeve. You will have no difficulty fine tuning this driver because of the adjustable hosel.

If you are looking to increase your distance, this driver is a superb choice.

This is one of the best driver for seniors who are looking for the best driver shaft for 85 mph swing speed. 

More Details - TaylorMade M2

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The TaylorMade 2017 M1 Men's Driver 460cc - Lightweight Driver for Senior Golfers

This is one of the best golf drivers for seniors. The t-track system has been redesigned so the weight is more moveable. There are three Stock shafts and a Lamkin UTX cord grip.

This is a lightweight aluminum with twelve settings on the 4-loft sleeve. Senior citizens will appreciate the decrease in weight in the top of the club, and the white section is more angles and a bit thinner. If you turn the club over you will see some exceptional changes from previous versions.

There is 43 percent more carbon, and this is especially noticeable in the toe panel. The overall footprint is enlarged by the recessing of the toe panel, and this additionally saves volume. You can customize your balls flight, and you will see a big difference in the shot shape and spin.

There are fifteen positions on both the front and back track, four head lofts and twelve positions on the hosel so you have the possibility of 10,800 head set ups.

Older players who are trying to find the best driver for slow swing speed should seriously consider getting this senior friendly golf driver. 

More Details - TaylorMade M1

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The Cleveland Launcher HB - Best Driver for People over 50 and over 60

This driver has already proven the lightweight performance found in the lightweight grips of Lamkin and Golf Pride, and the premium Miyazaki graphite shafts.

The elderly will be able to increase swing speed without any extra effort. Perfect for slow swings up to 85 mph!

The center of gravity has been relocated deeper and lower towards the back of the club’s head. This will provide optimal playability, spin and a higher launch angle. This is one of the lightest driver offered on the market, and has been specifically designed to generate more distance and a higher swing without the need for additional strength.

This is one of the best drivers for senior golfers due to the advanced aerodynamics in the design of the speed crown. Modern technology has decreased the face weight so ball speed is increased for off-center hits. You will find the lower center of gravity will promote a higher and deeper launch.

We can unequivocally say that this is one of the best golf driver for older golfers. 

More Details - Cleveland Launcher HB 

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The Cobra Ladies Max Driver - Best golf driver for senior ladies 2021

This is an exceptional golf driver for senior ladies. The CG front position provides more roll along with a penetrating ball flight.

The CG back position additionally provides much greater forgiveness and a towering ball flight. The titanium E9 face is new and has been re-engineered. The variable thickness structure is hotter, thinner lighter, and does not require as much strength.

More deflection is created to ensure a larger Sweet Zone and a much faster ball speeds. The loft settings adjust easily so launch conditions can be fine tuned and it is easy to manage the trajectory. The distance has been maximized regardless of the swing or the course. COBRA has the exclusive on the Speed Channel innovation.

This is an engineered trench surrounding the face’s perimeter. The thickness is minimized, and your ball speeds and distances will both increase. This is a perfect driver for senior ladies.

More Details - COBRA ladies MAX

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Callaway Golf 2017 Women's Great Big Bertha Epic Driver - Best Big Bertha Driver for Seniors

This best golf driver for senior ladies is made with a new and innovative technology. Changes have been made to affect the behavior of the face and head at impact. This allows for more speed across a much bigger area of the face, so you will see an improvement in your average distance.

This is the lightest triaxial carbon crown ever used for a Callaway driver, and it is combined with a Titanium exo-cage. This creates exceptional forgiveness in a low-spin, high-launch design. The track has been redesigned to encompass a sliding 17g weight. This make is easy to fit the club to your exact swing, and you will see an improvement in both distance and control due to the shot-shape correction.

The head has been streamlined to incorporate speed step, and the input from aerospace experts was applied. This improves your distance and swing speed. The tour-proven shaft is designed to improve your control, feel, stability, power and speed.

More Details - Callaway GBB Epic

Owning any of these senior friendly drivers will make your golf session much more enjoyable and fun. These drivers can also be gifted to your elderly relative if they are fond of golf. Please share this article in FaceBook and share your thoughts below on what you think is the best of the best driver for seniors!

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